We created our first physical shop specialized in the sale of mosquito repellent products about 3 years ago. After the tremendous success we have had, and backed by the major players in the field of quality repellent devices, we decided to create this online shop.

Bolstered by the trust of our customers, we are committed to offering innovation and performance in everything we sell in this shop.

Here you will find reliable, safe and quality products to get rid of all types of mosquitoes in your home and avoid scratching your skin all the time.

You will no longer need to use insecticides full of toxic products. ByMosquito.com allows you to keep pests at bay with 100% safe and effective devices, because your health is very important to us.
Indeed, our shop is not only known for its high-end products, but also for its quality service.
We have a very reactive customer service department that is always available to offer you the best service and to satisfy you as much as possible.

What we hope for the next few years? To have 100 million customers around the world and exceed all your expectations!